COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response
By Ryan Hellyer - May 24, 2020

To our valued Associates, Clients, and Partners:


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as we collectively navigate these new waters together, we want to offer you words of encouragement and also assure you of our operational stability.


AFN, like most businesses, has always had a contingency plan. We have successfully weathered many storms during our 19 years in business, from extreme market volatility to a veritable industry meltdown, and have remained strong and competitive. We realize what the world faces today is different than past challenges, but we are confident that our business continuity plan will allow us to continue serving communities across the country.


Our corporate office is currently open and operating in its usual capacity. We are operating business-as-usual with the added commitment to keep our valued team members healthy and safe. Our work-from-home initiative has been expanded, and our entire workforce—all the smiling faces and voices you are accustomed to having greet you and work with you toward common goals—are still here for you.


While we will do as advised by the CDC and our governing federal, state and local authorities and keep a physical distance, we remain a teleconference, phone call, email, or text away. We will forge ahead in this capacity until advised that the COVID-19 threat has passed and we can be more social.


We want you to know that you are appreciated and highly valued, and we wish you all the best during this challenging time. We are here for you, as always, and want you to please be safe, be well, and keep in touch. You can reach us through all customary channels or call toll free at (888) 636-7573.