Stay At Home Guide

By Ryan Hellyer - Apr 02, 2020

We are going through challenging times. There is no denying it, but if we do our part, we can make staying home a little more enjoyable. That is why AFN has come up with a full guide on helping you while you're are staying in your house. Below is a complete list of resources, ideas, and tips on becoming the expert at social distancing.


Staying Informed

A lot of information is buzzing around, but you want to make sure you are getting the correct news. That's why it is important to follow local, state, and even federal guidelines. You can always fact check this information online, but make sure you are using reputable sources. Currently, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are doubling down on false information and creating COVID-19 information centers, making sure you are provided with the correct news and information.



If your gym is closed, you can still try some at-home activities that will help you maintain your fitness goals. First, make sure to reach out to your gym and see if they provide any resources to help you while they are closed. Some gyms are allowing people to rent equipment while others are doing live videos on Instagram each day. Here is a quick list of accounts you can follow on Instagram to enjoy live workouts.

  • Barrys Bootcamp
  • Men and Women's Health Magazine
  • GNC

If you are a member of ClassPass, you can go to your mobile app and look at the variety of fitness class videos they offer. Another great resource is, which provides healthy recipes, exercise tips, and more.


Social Media

As mentioned before, major social media platforms are doing their part to keep you not only informed but connected with friends, family, and co-workers; we will break it down by each site.



The largest social media site has a variety of ways to keep you informed and is making sure that false information is not misleading you. When you log into your account, you will notice a COVID-19 information center on the explore tab of your screen. This will provide up to date information from reputable sources. If you are looking for assistance or want to find ways to offer help, go to Enjoy a video chat with Facebook Portal which allows you to set up a video chat on your T.V. or through other devices on Facebook messenger or WhatsApp Click Here to learn more about Facebook Portal . If you would like a free version to video chat, you can download the Facebook messenger app on your P.C. or Mac today and start a video call with multiple people.