AFN Gives Back

By Ryan Hellyer - Apr 23, 2020

AFN Team Member

Michelle Graziano, Divisional Branch Coordinator


Story Highlights: Michelle's father is a manager at a Shope Rite grocery marketing in Staten Island, NY. He is currently working 12 hours each day to ensure access to groceries. 


"He is the hardest working man I know. Working these crazy hours to ensure his customers & workers are as safe as possible. I overheard him on the phone talking to another store manager that they are donating food to children who are not without food due to schools shutting down and they relied on those lunches. He has been working 7 days a week, even on Wednesdays where that is supposed to be his day off (my mom and him have Wednesday date days for 35 years and now they babysit my nephew). He goes in even if it just for a few hours to check on the store and make sure it is running ok & safe." 


"My Little sister's best friend, Alexa Gammo is working around the clock in the ER of St. Barnabas Medical Center, Also, my very best friend, Samantha Casasnovas that I have known since I was 4 years old works as a Pharmacy tech."