Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
By Ryan Hellyer - May 07, 2020

For the past few month’s America and the world has been celebrating our first responders and essential workers and rightfully so but for most of us the very first member of our front line, whether protector, provider, or counselor was mom. We’d like to acknowledge the wonderful, hardworking mothers who are part of our team here at AFN and the many more who have supported and continue to support TEAM AFN’s individual members. This Mother’s Day we asked them to share memories and stories about their own mothers. Here are some of the great tributes, shout-outs and thank-yous they shared.


Mom: Andi


Story: “She is absolutely the best, she makes sure Brayli is ready for school and fed, all while being a top Realtor here in Lubbock and working endlessly to provide us with leads and closings! The good Lord knew I needed a strong, independent, courageous, self-motivated and tolerant woman and along came my wife, Andi Kim Black. I thank him every day for her and my daughter! You won’t find a more deserving mom out there for this award!!!”


- Gary Dunlap, AFN Loan Officer


Mom: Lenore


Story: “I thought of my friend Lenore and her son Skyler. She is a teacher at a school in Brooklyn. She has a unique perspective of the effects Covid has had on a community, one where many of the children are don’t have access to technology. She is doing all of this while teaching her son Skyler how to play guitar, read, write, and speak 2 languages.”


- Ronnie Solomon, AFN Branch Manager


Mom: Delois “Lolo”


Story: “Delois is my daughter’s daycare provider and a second mom to her. Since the onset of COVID-19 Lolo (as we affectionately call her) has been a rock to not only our family, but also to 6 other families whom are essential workers in the health care field. Lolo has taken on the role of provider/teacher/2nd parent/protector and many other hats. Some of her actions are so thoughtful, such as ordering personalized mask for her kiddos and parents. She herself has stayed in consistently for nearly 50 days to minimize her exposure to ensure that her parents were able to be present on the frontlines. This is nothing new for Lolo, she constantly goes way beyond the call of duty for each of the 6 children that she mothers on the daily bases!! Lolo, thank you!”


- Fairlen Browning, AFN Loan Officer


Mom: Thelma


Story: My mom has worked for the past 15 years at Whittier Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital as a Phlebotomist. She loves people and has received many letters of appreciation from people she only gets to speak with a few minutes/day while they are being hospitalized. During this pandemic, she is exposed to Covid-19 patients each and every day that she goes to work. At her age (73) and with an underlying medical condition (diabetes), she is at high risk for contracting the virus. However, she goes to work knowing that she is contributing to the recovery of the local community and saving perfect strangers. There are so many hospital workers just like her that go to work every day without any expectation at all of recognition. She is my hero in more ways than one.


- Andrew Lugo, AFN Loan Officer