Adding Value to Your Home

A goal as homeowners is to always add value to your home, it makes you feel more at home and if you put it on the market it will benefit you. And if you’re willing to take on some do-it-yourself projects, you could tackle some value-adding home improvements that are relatively simple. So our team has made up a quick list of projects that will help add value to your sweet abode.


  1. Add the perfect lighting

Lighting is an integral part of any livable space, since a bright and well-lit room can make a space feel larger, cleaner, and more comfortable. Installing dimmers and adding more lamps are simple additions that can help brighten up your home and make it feel warmer and more welcoming to potential buyers.


  1. Add some green

Planting a shade tree is one of our favorite low-maintenance home improvements that adds value, because this simple landscaping upgrade could make your home more attractive to buyers and also potentially cut down on your cooling costs over time. It can also add great value to your home if it’s on the market.


  1. Break out the dance floor

Well not necessarily the dance floor, but make sure your flooring in your home is up to date and fits your home décor. While many things come back into style, we recommend removing the 1970s shag carpet. Pay extra attention to flooring in the kitchen in the bathroom, since flooring needing work in those areas could look like a money pit to potential buyers. Remember that opting for neutral colors is typically a safe bet.


  1. Upgrade your window fixtures

Outdated fixtures can make the room feel uninviting and by adding options like new curtains around your windows you can really make a difference.


  1. Never forget to inspect

Having routine home inspections could save you in the long run. Make sure your roof and foundation are secure. Make sure your home doesn’t have termites, and see if your electrical system is good to go.


  1. Make it Eco friendly

There are a few inexpensive things you can do to potentially cut down on energy costs, like installing a ceiling fan to add a decorative touch to your space while also creating a natural breeze that could help you rely less on your air conditioning. Some local utility companies will provide a free energy audit to help you learn more about being more energy efficient in your home.

  1. Fresh paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a cost efficient way to brighten up your space. It’s as simple as that! Choosing lighter and more neutral colors are the way to go.