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Home Updates That Are Easily Reversible

Sometimes we’re afraid of commitment and that can happen with different home trends or updates. We’ve done some research and found some home updates that are easy to change down the road.


  1. Bring some life to your walls with stick-up wallpaper, we know you’re thinking wallpaper is tough to remove but times have changed!  Consider covering walls with temporary wallpaper, a self-adhesive, removable alternative to traditional wallpaper that you can stick on or peel off on demand without marring your walls. If you plan to apply temporary wallpaper in a bathroom or kitchen, consider Tempaper.
  2. Update the life of your kitchen and or bathroom cabinets, it’s easy you can give them a fresh coat of paint and update the knobs on them. So easy to change again later if you need it.
  3. Another easy bathroom update is changing some of your bathroom fixtures including your shower head. Go to Target and find shower heads that can be easily replaced, if you’re attached to the current ones you can always keep them around or switch them back later.
  4. You can add new tile to the wall without grout Measuring about 12 by 8 inches each, these self-adhesive decorative subway tiles from Smart Tiles can effortlessly be applied to walls through a peel-and-stick process to create beautiful bathroom or kitchen backsplashes and daring living room accent walls. Easy to remove down the road and you can find them at stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.