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Home For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving around the corner the official start of the holiday season is here! If you are planning on hosting people at your home this season here are some things you can do to get prepared!

- If you have an HVAC unit make sure it is properly maintained. 
- Clean your oven now! If you plan on using the self-clean feature do it well before cooking your turkey in the oven. The self-clean option can reach very high temperatures which can often break elements in older ovens. You don't want to be stuck with a repair before the big day.
- Have a lot of clutter? That's alright storage containers and closets are here to help you get the cluttered look out of your guest eye. You can temporarily move items there while you are hosting. 
- Have a wood burning fireplace? Make sure that the fireplace is cleaned before you use it, build up from use can cause it to get dirty. You can purchase a cleaning log that you burn in the fireplace and it will remove build-up. 
- If you are cooking a turkey make sure to read the instructions before so you are ready to cook it. If it is a frozen turkey make sure to give it plenty of time to thaw! Based on the size it may need 24/48 hours. 

Don't sweat it you're going to do an amazing job! Have a wonderful holiday season.