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Home Safety Tips For Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is around the corner and while your home should be spookacular you also want it be safe for some visiting trick-or-treaters. Here are some safety tips you can use.


  1. Replace Candles in Your Jack-O-Lanterns

You can use either LED faux light bulbs or even glow sticks not only is it much safer to use in the dried out pumpkin but it has a really cool look.

  1. Tighten Those Railings

Fixing wobbly or broken porch railings is a trick-or-treat safety must, as they can cause severe injuries if anyone leans on them a little too hard. Hire a contractor or handyman to fix the problem before your guests arrive.

  1. Help Clear Your Curb

Reduce risks to little pedestrians by clearing parked cars from the curb for better visibility and placing a reflective “Watch for Children” sign at the edge of the road. On busy streets, consider having adults take turns maintaining safety in the street with a hand-held traffic control light.

  1. Clear Path Lighting

Lead the way to your front door with clear lighting that helps your guest find the way. Make sure nothing is blocking the path either.


Happy Halloween!