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It's Easy To Go Green At Home

It's not hard to take a few steps to make your home and your routine more environmentally friendly, after reading this you will treat every day like Earth Day!


1. Yes, Recycle!

Recycling is not a phase that happened in the 90s it is still around and more critical than ever! With massive amounts of plastic entering our waterways and into the ocean we recommend checking and seeing what you can recycle in your community. Also, take time to reduce your use of plastic, buy reusable water bottles or bags for groceries. 


2. Water Use.

It's easy to turn on the tap and let the water flow but saving water is essential especially in climates more prone to droughts. You can reduce your use of water by installing low-flow shower heads, consider house plants and gardens that are more sustainable to your local climate. Succulents make fantastic houseplants, and they do not need a significant amount of water. You can also consider adding a rain barrel to your gutters; these are great for using to water outside plants.


3. Manage Those Bills!

Most bills can be paid online now, check with the company you are paying and sign-up for electronic bills. This allows your monthly bill or statement to be sent to your email then with a few clicks you can pay online. Saving some postage and paper and a little bit of your sanity. 


4. Household Cleaners.

More and more household cleaners are becoming more environmentally friendly! You no longer have to fork over more cash to get cleaners that don't have toxic chemicals, it's a win for you and your family.


5. Swap Your Light Bulbs.

Even by changing just a few of your light bulbs to a CFL or LED can help reduce your energy use. Also, when you lower your home energy use, it means cheaper electric bills, again another win-win! 


6. Laundry Savers

If you are in the market for a new washer and dryer look at energy star rated appliances. Energy efficient appliances will help get the job done without using a significant amount of energy. Finally, consider washing your clothes in cold water this will reduce the power applied to heat your water. 


See it is easy to take a few steps and make your home more environmentally friendly! If you would like to read more tips check out the link below!