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What To Do Now That You’ve Moved In



CONGRATS! You’ve moved into your new home and we are so excited for you! Now that you have the keys, maybe it is time to change them amongst a few other things. Here is your full checklist.

  1. Turn on Utilities. If you haven't already notified the utility companies to transfer gas, water, electrical, trash and sewer into your name, you need to call. Check and see if trash and recycling is handled by the local government or a private waste company. Make sure those lights work before you settle in for your first night home.
  2. Change The Locks. You know someone used to have the keys to that house which means they could still have spares or their friends could have it. It’s best to call the locksmith and change the locks altogether.
  3. Change Your Mailing Address: Contact U.S.P.S and let them know of your recent move so they can update to your current address and forward any mail. It is also best to change your mailing address for your bank, credit cards, Amazon, etc. Oh and don’t forget to let your friends and family know so they can still send you the holiday card this season.
  4. Order Food and Drink. Some people pack snacks to take with on the day of moving. Others want to feed not only themselves but the movers and / or friends helping them to upload. Nowadays your options are not limited to pizza and soft drinks. Further, moving day is not a good day to plan to cook. Get take-out from the Chinese joint down the street or order a case of beer to be delivered through your favorite food delivery app. Keep plenty of bottled water on hand.
  5. Establish Internet. If your security system uses cameras, they might be wired to work on WiFi, which means even without a computer, you could need Internet at your house. Also, the popular digital doorbells use WiFi. So, do home-based apps that turn on and off the lights, open garage doors and water your lawn. While the tech person is there to connect you to WiFi, don't forget to set up the television to stream your favorite shows.
  6. Home Security. Did you change the locks yet? Good, well if you feel that is not enough you can always set up a home security system to keep your house safe and secure when you’re away. With technology you have so many options including setting up your own cameras that can connect to your smartphone. Isn’t technology great?

Congrats on your new home!

-Team AFN