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Your Home To-do List Before Fall Arrives

 Summer may still be in full swing, but it is never to early to cross off some of these to-do items for your home. You will thank yourself by the time the last leaf falls.


  1. Tackle Home Maintenance Issues- Now is the time to take care of any home maintenance issues you may have. No matter, if they are big or small, taking care of them now, will help you when the seasons start to change. This goes for things both inside and outside of your home.
  2. Plant Trees For Your Yard-  The end of Summer and early Fall is the perfect time to get some new trees in the ground, the worst of the Summer heat should be over, and it gives the trees plenty of time to start establishing their roots.
  3. Seal It Up- Look for any cracks in your windows or doors and repair the sealing between them. This will help you save energy not only in Summer but when the temperatures start to drop!
  4. Check Your Heating System- We know, it's still hot outside, but the last thing you want to happen when jack frost returns is to have your heat go out. The heating repair will be busy in the winter, so it is better to do it now and have a professional inspect it.
  5. Tend to Your Garden- Love planting some produce outside? Check and see what grows better at the end of summer and beginning of fall. Unfortunately, it might be too late to have a pumpkin patch, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some other fantastic food!

We hope you end your Summer with a splash and fall into a lifetime of happiness with your home! Happy Home owning!

-Team AFN


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