Sustainable Home Ideas

Sustainable Home Ideas
By Ryan Hellyer - Apr 14, 2022

April 22nd is Earth Day, but you can make your home sustainable 24/7, 365. We’ve included some ideas on making your home a little more eco-friendly.

Use low energy consumption appliances.
Sustainable house design is also about filling your home with appliances that consume lower energy. It is better for the environment, but it will also significantly reduce your energy bills, or let you run your home on renewable energy. At a minimum, look for Energy Star-rated appliances – this should cover everything from computers and TVs to kitchen appliances and water heaters.

Switch to LED
LED lighting is also much more energy-efficient and lasts much longer. Even though it requires a larger upfront investment, this pays itself off over time because you won’t need to change your LED light bulbs for years! Another fun bonus to LED lighting is that many bulbs are paired with innovative home technology; you can pair them with Alex or Google home devices or even change the color of your lighting with your phone.

Incorporate smart home technology
Along with low energy consumption appliances, using smart home technology can also help to make your home more eco-friendly. For example, smart home systems have features such as automated lighting, temperature, and security controls which allow you to make your energy use as efficient as possible.
Most smart home systems also allow you to monitor the amount of energy you use, helping you to live more efficiently and use less electricity.

Try an eco-friendly lawn alternative.
Grass may be a popular lawn option, but it is also water-intensive, challenging to maintain, and can cause allergies. There are plenty of grass alternatives that are not only better for the environment and your health, but many need little to no maintenance.