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Ticket Mortgage
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22 reviews
    Dec 09, 2021
    Reviewed by Steven Van Der Wege for Casey Knowles

    The process was much more complicated than we expected. We did not like the online process.

    Sep 16, 2021
    Reviewed by Jacob Dean Grenemeier for Jason Brigham

    I felt like I was driving the conversation and had to ask questions in order to know where I was throughout the process. Jason was quick to call when I did ask questions, but I would rather be informed throughout the process. Luckily I am in the business and had an understanding of what was going on, but I could see some people feeling more lost than I did throughout the process. In one conversation I was told that interest is paid “in the rear, not in the front” when I believe he meant in arrears. I’m not trying to be a sick, but just trying to leave an honest review. Jason was very nice, and again did answer my questions throughout, just wish I wasn’t leading the charge throughout the process. I appreciate the help in getting it closed. Thanks!